December 3, 2023
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The Ultimate Training Guide for Runners

Newbie runners through to experienced, seasoned runners, we all can use help on how to train better.  I read a lot of articles about running and training.  Sometimes for motivation, mostly for interest…I love running!  I’ve raced a lot over the years and have made every training, running and racing mistake.  So in the interest of ‘not doing as I did’, I pulled together this guide to help in all aspects of running:

Advice for New Runners.  It can be a challenge to get started.  In my case it was a stop/start experience before the enjoyment of running took hold.  Here’s come good advice if you’re just starting out:  New Running Advice

Tempo Runs.  Known by lots of names:  hill work, speed workouts, Fartleks…the bottom line is that to run faster you have to ‘run faster’.  Here’s how to add some speed to your training:  Tempo Runs

Strength Training. I like to run.  Working out in the gym not so much.  Over the years though I’ve learned the benefits of strength training.  Here are some good routines to try:  Strength Training

How to Prevent Running Cramps. A side cramp can come on slowly or quickly…either way it hurts! Slowing down is generally the best way to recover.  A muscle cramp is another thing entirely.  Here are some ways to prevent cramps:  How to Prevent Running Cramps 

Hydration.  We often talk about not taking in enough or the right types of hydration:  water or electrolytes.  A little frequently we talk about over hydrating.  Here’s a good article on how to hydrate properly:   How to Hydrate Properly

The Benefits of Cross Training. A great way to increase overall fitness…and help strengthen your running is to cross train:  cycling, swimming, basketball, football are some of the best.  Plus using a different set of muscles helps with recovery.  Check out this articele:  Cross Training

Marathon Training Plans.  Marathon training plans run the gamut from beginner to elite;  from target times to finishing.  Here’s a link to a comprehensive list of plans:   Marathon Training Plans

Half Marathon Training Plans.  Here is a link to a comprehensive list of half marathon training plans:  Half Marathon Training Plans

10 K Training Plans.  I personally love the 10K race.  The 10K was my first race goal and while I’ve run many race distances up the full marathon, I still come back to the 10K.  Here are some training plans:  10 K Training Plans

Post-Race Recovery.  You ‘got er dun’.  Race over now what?  Learning how to recover properly is key to your long term enjoyment of running.  Check out these suggestions:   Post-Race Recovery 

Running in the Zone.  Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned runner, Dan’s Running in the Zone blog has something for you.  Articles on some interesting races all over North America and training articles for all levels, check out this blog that Dan updates regularly:  Running in the Zone

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