December 8, 2024
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Things to see and do in and around Negril

Coming to Negril in early December for Reggae Marathon is marked in indelible ink on my calendar.  Seriously. Reggae Marathon is a great destination race.  Reggae Marathon is one of the Top 10 Destination Race events in the world.  In addition to that is the location along one of the best white sand beaches in the world:  Nearly 7 miles of beach!  So while many Reggae Marathoners come for the rum…I mean run…fun and sun, Reggae Marathon provides an opportunity for taking in some of the great sights and scenes of Western Jamaica:

Ricks_Negril_Jamaica_Photo_D_Ramey_LoganNegril’s West End. Rick’s Cafe in Negril’s West End is well known of course so even if you don’t take the plunge from the cliff, it’s one of the best spots to take in the World Famous Sunset.  Along the winding road that snakes out of the ‘Downtown’ area of Negril are many other restaurants, hotels and bars to stay, swim, eat and have fun.  Taxi’s are plentiful and reasonable and will get you from your hotel and back very conveniently.

Four-Cascades-YS-Falls-JamaicaYS Falls.  A little further afield and worth the trip is YS Falls.  Inside a Nature Preserve, the YS Falls experience includes a 7 tiered cascading waterfall, a spring-fed wading pool and aerial canopy ride.  Its  a cool, refreshing way to spend a day away from the beach after Reggae Marathon.  Bus trips can be arranged by your hotel Concierge or Travel Desk.


appleton_estateA little further afield is a trip to the Appleton Estate.  It’s a longer road trip  and offers a view of country life along the roads south east of Negril.  At the Appleton Estate Rum Tour in the Nassau Valley you’ll get a tour of the sugar plantation and of course the rum production facility.  And a taste of rum so smooth you’ll never drink anything else.  OK, a little exaggeration but they do produce great rum!


DSCN2290Heading the other way back through Montego Bay is a longish trip to Dunn’s River Falls just west of Ocho Rios.  Along the way you’ll pass the major tourist and hotel areas that Jamaica is famous for.  Dunn’s River Falls rises nearly hundreds of feet from the beautiful white sand beach and is of course famous for climbing. Just about anyone can make it…just take your time.  Again, this trip can be arranged by your hotel.


ne-074Of course you’ll want to take in the sights just outside your hotel.  Beyond the beach and warm Caribbean is the reef.  It runs along most of the beach about a mile and a half off shore…it’s the primary reason the wave action is generally so gentle.  Look out for one of the many ‘Glass Bottom Boats’ moored along the beach.  Daily snorkeling trips are available.  We’ve seen many vacationers return with fresh caught Snapper and even Lobster!


Then again, settling in on your lounge chair on the beach and alternating between napping, swimming and eating/drinking works as well.  That’s where you’ll find me most days when I’m in Negril for Reggae Marathon.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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