December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Training Tips for Running your Best in 2014

Personal Best.  Two words that conjur up so much in the mind of a runner.  To help get you there in 2014, we’ve collected a number of training tips to help you run your best in 2014.  Included is the link to the Reggae Marathon Training Guide that many Reggae Marathoners have used over the years to achieve their individual ‘Personal Bests’:

PBWOWCH3_03-500There is always an animated conversation around the walk/run program.  True confession:  I used it successfully when I completed my 1st Marathon at Reggae Marathon in 2009.  I’ve been a distance runner for years but it was a life-savior for me that year.  For more insight on who and how to use a run/walk program check out this article: Who should use a Run/Walk Program.

nycmfinish500Ahhh…the alure of the Marathon.  26.2 Miles…42 Kilometres.  No matter how you measure it, it’s the major milestone most runners aspire to.  Notwithstanding those who compete in Ultras. Training for the Marathon is as much mental as it is physical and in the article are some helpful tips on how to achieve your best performance:  26 Tips to run your best 26.2.


half_marathon_training_plans_headersI think we should change the name of the Half Marathon to something else that respects the fact that your racing for 13.1 Miles!  I personally like ‘The 13.1″.  No matter what you call it, training effectively for the Half Marathon presents it’s own special challenges.  Here are some good training plans:  Half Marathon Training Plans.

4Tips410kAt Reggae Marathon we are one of the few that include races at 3 distances:  Full Marathon, Half Marathon and the 10K.  Many years ago…too many for me to tell you without blushing…the 10K was THE distance race and I raced in many of them.  My wife is happy to share that “I don’t have any of the T Shirts”.  The 10K is especially appealing to walkers and we get a fantastic group of walkers at Reggae Marathon.  For me, I’ve enjoyed running the Reggae Marathon 10k because I’m usually sipping a fresh-cut coconut at sunrise.  To help get you ready for your 10K, here are some tips:  Running your best 10K.

rm-logoAnd last but certainly not least, we have our own training plans for you to check out and download.  if you’r lucky enough to live in Jamaica and or travel to Jamaica regularly, you can also participate in one of the many road races held throughout the year in Kingston and across the Island.  Here is the link:  Reggae Marathon Training Plans.


So get running!  Now’s a great time to start training to run your best in 2014!

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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