December 8, 2024
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We are one with Boston: April 15, 2013




Sad!  So very sad.

Those were just some of the emotions that raced through my mind on Monday after hearing and seeing the tragedy unfold in Boston.  I wasn’t there is person but I felt it as a body blow to my gut as the afternoon turned into evening.  I was numb.

On Tuesday morning I went for a run.  Although it was a familiar route, I ran hard.  “I am with you Boston…this is in your honour”.

What happened in Boston was senseless. Authorities will work to track down the perpetrators.  It may take some time but justice will be served.

Time may heal the wounds; the memory of  the day may fade.  Those who died and were injured will remain with us forever.

As members of the global running community, please join all of us at Reggae Marathon who have felt this tragedy so deeply:  All of those affected directly in Boston…runners, spectators, volunteers, friends and family, you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy