December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

What I love about running

Like the Reggae Marathon runner in the photo above from last year's Reggae Marathon, I love to run.  I've been doing it now for almost 30 years and still love it. After a really comfortable ½ marathon this past weekend I was reminded why I still keep running.

I run for a number of reasons.  First, ‘it’s all about my health’.  Even with the pounding that my feet, knees and hips take, running is the best physical activity for me in managing my health and well being.  Running keeps the weight in control even with my dietary slips…I love my salty snacks.  And running keeps my blood pressure in check…a big deal in my family with a history of stroke and heart disease. Early 50’s and so far no high blood pressure medication.

My second reason for running is that it is my only ‘alone time’.  I’ve run with other runners and running clubs and thoroughly enjoy that (the Jamdammers is a fabulous club in Kingston) but running early in the morning with the rising sun is one of my favourite thing to do.  I do it most days including weekends.  On these early morning ‘alone time’ runs I sometimes go over work and personal challenges but most often I run ‘in the zone’.  Those are the best…I finish energized and recharged.  I know it’s a cliche, but running has carried me through all the challenges of raising kids, managing a career and the inevitable family challenges.  Yes, I think I’ll keep running.


love running when I tra

vel.  That’s my third reason and it has given me many ‘favourite’ memories of the places I have visited:

  • After all these years I can still vividly remember the pounding waves crashing on the white sandy beaches of Coogie and Bondi in Sydney, Australia.
  • Along the shore in Biaritz in the south of France, the big waves were a magnet for surfers as well and provided a wonderful soundtrack.
  • Running along the Sea Wall around Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada reveals mountains, tides and fabulous city views.
  • And of course, my all-time favourite, early morning running along the beach in Negril with the gentle waves caressing the white sandy beach.  The marvellous warm weather Reggae Marathon combined with a great beach vacation tops it off.

The absolute best thing about running though is the sheer simplicity of it.  While hi-tech gear helps, comfortable shoes, shorts and T shirt are the only essentials.  Enough talking now…it’s time to go for a run.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

(Photo courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography)