December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

What to Pack Race Day

What to pack race day at Reggae Marathon?  Since most of make our way from a local hotel, we have to think about what to bring to the Start/Finish area at Long Bay Beach Park.  The short answer is that you won’t need to bring as much as you think.  Everyone who registers for Reggae Marathon gets a Tote Bag and a T Shirt among other goodies.  This Tote Bag is the most convenient way to pack and carry your essentials for post-race.

Heading to my 10th consecutive Reggae Marathon Sunday, December 2 this year, here’s what I pack and check at the convenient bag check near the start/finish area:

  • Towel.  I’m going to be wet after my post race swim.  On the walk along the beach back to my hotel I generally dry off but it’s nice to have a towel just in case.
  • Sunscreen.  Yes we finish early morning but the sun is more intense in Negril in December than most of are used to, even in the early to mid-morning.  Apply sunscreen after you’ve enjoyed the post race activities, especially if you are walking back to your hotel along the beach.
  • Hat.  A second hat.  For the 10K it is not absolutely necessary to wear a hat;  for the Half Marathon and Full Marathon, I strongly recommend wearing a hat during the race.  Then for after, another, dry hat to keep your head covered in the mid-morning sun.
  • Sandals.  I pack a pair of sandals to change into immediately after finishing since my running shoes are usually thoroughly wet.  I use my sandals for walking around.
  • T Shirt.  I run in a racing singlet, not my Reggae Marathon T Shirt.  After the race I like to change into it to celebrate my ‘win’.

I don’t pack my cell phone, camera or anything valuable in my Tote Bag.  I’ve never done that for any race so Reggae Marathon isn’t special in this regard.  I also don’t pack a swimsuit…I’m sweaty, salty after my dip in the Caribbean and don’t feel the need to change.  But hey…that’s just me!

So pack light, check your bag at the Start/Finish and enjoy your race!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy