Running Stories

“How I fell in love with the Reggae Marathon”, George Colombo

In 2004, my 50th birthday fell on a Saturday. This made the idea of running a marathon on my birthday a distinct possibility. As I looked around to see where marathons were to be held on the big day (i.e. one of those birthdays that end with a zero), one race stood out, Jamaica’s Reggae Marathon. Before I knew anything else about it, I knew that it possessed an attribute that was singular an ...[Read More]

Let’s go for a run

The truth be told, I actually hated running. I wasn't very active in either grade school or high school. I enjoyed a good game of squash while in university but never thought of going for a run. What got me started was my health: in my mid-20’s overweight at 225 lbs with a 42” waist, I was heading into a bad place. I knew I had to do something and running seemed simple enough.

Reggae Marathon: “The best race ever”

“The best race ever” was how one visitor to the Jamaica Tourist Board booth at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon Expo described the Reggae Marathon. Judy Nash from the JTB, Marguerite Orane, Suzie Forman and I had a great time talking with runners who stopped by the booth on Friday and Saturday.

Who’s this new guy on the Reggae Marathon blog?

Hello.  I’m Chris Morales.  A year ago I was blogging on my personal blog about running in my first Reggae Marathon. Now 8 months later here I am blogging for the Reggae Marathon…and looking forward to my 2nd Reggae Marathon this December 4 in Negril.  And what an event it promises to be:  the 10th anniversary event.  More about that in upcoming posts.  First let me properly introduce myself ...[Read More]