2 Days to go

2 Days to go

2 days to go.  On-site registration opens today at 1:00 pm and runs until 5 pm at Couples Swept Away Sports Complex. You can pick up your race kit today as well. Tomorrow, Friday, Registration runs from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm and you can pick up your race kit up until 8 pm again at Couples.  This will be your last chance to register…there’s no registration race day, Saturday.  And remem ...[Read More]

Appreciate the Love

Appreciate the love; TheReggae Marathon Experience. Today we hear from some Reggae Runnerz who’ve participated in Reggae Marathon one, two or more times.  They come from all over the USA from varied backgrounds and levels of running experience.  What ties them together is that they appreciate the love that is the Reggae Marathon Experience: Tasha:  First race EVER! Really enjoyed the positiv ...[Read More]

Medals and Prizes

Medals and prizes are in store for top finishers at Reggae Marathon.  Everyone who finishes Reggae Marathon gets a Finisher Medal as usual of course but beyond that prizes are available. The main overseas & local prize structure will remain similar as 2014:  Reggae Marathon Awards. Here’s what changes for locals: Any Jamaican who breaks the course record will get double the prize purse! ...[Read More]

Top 5 Training Tips

Everybody has a trainig tip.  Heck, I’ve received training tips from my non-running friends!  For any race…Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K…there are some basic things to stay focused on to have maximum enjoyment.  These are top 5 training tips for Marathons but they work equally well at other race distances: Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...[Read More]

Ahhh…The Negril Beach!

In just over 2 weeks you’ll find me running along this stretch of Negril beach early morning.  While I won’t exactly have the entire beach to myself, it will sure feel that way.  If I really do have a spiritual home, the Negril beach is it! Years ago when my family and I started coming to Negril, it seemed like a world away.  In those days the drive from Kingston took forever!  Dad lik ...[Read More]

Karin: She came, ran and had fun at Reggae Marathon!

For Karin Wilson-Edmonds, this was her second time at Reggae Marathon.  And this time she ran! That’s her, 3rd from left above after completing the 10K at Reggae Marathon. Back at Reggae Marathon 2012, she and her hubby Christopher made the trip from home in Kingston and had a wonderful time vacationing on the Negril beach.  They caught the Reggae Marathon ‘runner vibe’ and were ...[Read More]

Easy Skankin returns to Reggae Marathon 2012

Once was not enough…Larry Savitch and Easy Skankin from Florida, New York will be back at Reggae Marathon this December to help wrap up the year-long 50th Anniversary celebrations of Jamaica’s Independence (Come Home Jamaica). Shhh…they think they are really coming to run in cialis online pharmacy Reggae Marathon but we know why their real motivation. Last year Easy Skankin had a ...[Read More]