December 3, 2023
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2016 Reggae Marathon Fact Sheet

Below is our updated 2016 Reggae Marathon Fact Sheet.  It’s the most up-to-date information about our Sweet 16 Race, December 3.  One important piece of new information that affects runners in the Marathon:  The Reggae Marathon course closes after 6 hours…promptly at 11:15 am.  All Marathoners will have to finish the first loop at Long Bay Beach Park by 8:15 am.  That’s for safety: We don’t want you running after the road re-opens fully to vehicle traffic. So what happens if you don’t make the 3 hour cutoff?  You’ll finish as a Half Marathoner and receive a Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal.

RM fact sheet 1

RM fact sheet 2Until next time…

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