December 3, 2023
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2021 Reggae Marathon Plans

2021 Reggae Marathon Plans

Over the last year, I have shared some of my many Reggae Marathon stories. Having gone to Negril for the race for ten years, I have so many memories of not only the race, but the trip itself. I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the country and see so many beautiful sights along the way. I do know that on my next trip to Jamaica, I’m going to make a visit to Floyd’s Pelican Bar. That’s my non-running goal. As for running, I hope to stop along  the course and take pictures of runners in their element enjoying the run and documenting for the Reggae Marathon.

Reggae Marathon 2018

What are your plans for the Reggae Marathon in 2021? I want to know what your running and non-running goals are for 2021 when you come to Negril for the Reggae Marathon.

Keep on running.