December 8, 2024
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3100: Run and Become

3100: Run and Become.  That’s running 3,100 miles.  In one go. That must be a typo when I saw the email.  But no, it was a 3,100 mile run. And that wasn’t the unbelievable part. The email contained the name of a runner, Ashprihanal Aalto from Finland who’s running the 3,100 event for the 14th time!  That gives new meaning to the word ‘Ulta Athlete’ for sure!  Even though most of us won’t get to that level, I was awe struck.

‘3100: Run and Become’ is a documentary in the final stages of production.  It tells not only the story of Ashprihanal Alto but also delves into the story of truly outstanding feats of running.  I live for that!  The book (and movie), ‘Born to Run’ about the Tarahumara runners in Mexico is my running bible. This looks to join it.  If you care about pushing the boundaries of human performance and endurance, this is for you! Here’s the story:

Dear Fellow Runners,

I’d be grateful if you could consider sharing this new documentary, though, called “3100: Run and Become”, which is in its final stage of post-production. We travelled the world to document amazing stories of self-transcendence and the spiritual dimensions of running. We asked, “What if the simple act of running could lead to profound enlightenment?” And what we found out proved to be life-changing.

17796468_1159906410786264_7424288326457020017_n3100: Run and Become follows an unassuming Finnish paperboy, Ashprihanal Aalto, in his attempt to complete the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler a record 14th time – that’s the world’s longest race in which he must run at least 60 miles per day for 52 days around a ½ mile sidewalk loop in New York City. We also follow Shamita Achenbach-Konig from Austria. She’s attempting the race for the first time. Their quest will take viewers not only to the heart of this astonishing event but around the globe to the ancient cultures that have held running sacred for millennia.

We were granted unprecedented access to the famed Thousand Day Monks of Japan (known in the west as the Marathon Monks), to incredible Navajo runners, and to the now-persecuted Kalahari Bushmen of Botswana. These runners represent the ancient core of running – that running, specifically long distance running, can reveal to us the secrets of the universe.

Check out the teaser and campaign here: 3100: Run and Become Teaser. As you know Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing. If the film doesn’t raise it’s goal amount in the next 30 days, we don’t receive the money (nor are people’s cards charged).

We would love if you could share our story, through email or social media, with your members or give whatever you can to our Kickstarter page.  We were also featured in Men’s Health: 3100: Run and Become Men’s Health. Every method of support makes a difference!

Thanks so much for your time.
Sneha & the 3100: Run & Become Team

Until next time…

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