December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

4 Days to go

4 days to go!  Step down and feel allright.  With the 6 hour time limit for the double-loop road course, this is important information for Marathoners so you have the best experience possible on race day.  Here are the Marathon course time limit and rules:


Six Hour Time Limit
Although Negril is a laid-back town, you only have six hours to complete the Reggae Marathon double-loop course. A six-hour pace is 13:45 minutes-per-mile (8:32 per km).

Choose the Right Event for Your Pace
If there is a chance you may struggle to maintain a 13:45 per-mile pace, we strongly suggest you switch, at no additional cost, to the Reggae Half Marathon. You’ll have a lot more time to finish and still get an awesome medal at the finishline. The Half Marathon is the certified boomshot for power walkers.

What Happens if You Fall Behind the Pace in the Full Marathon
If you are not able to maintain a 13:45 pace, never mind. There’s still a good
reason to feel alright! On this double loop course, marathoners must complete the first loop or 13.1 miles by 8:15am (3 hours after the race start). The ‘Marathon Miggle’ is at the start and finish at Long Bay Beach Park. A marathoner, who does not make the 8:15 am time check, will be guided into the finish chute, awarded a Half Marathon medal and stepped down to the half marathon results, rather than be disqualified.

Step Down and Feel Alright
As a policy, Reggae Marathon offers a free step down option to runners, who due to injury, limited training or other reasons (did you say rum?), wish to step down to a
shorter distance. You may do so before the race at the Registration booth located at the Couples Swept Away Sports Complex. There is no charge to ‘feel alright’.
On race day, you may voluntarily step down and avoid disqualification by declaring yourself a step down once you cross the finish line. You will be awarded a medal for the shorter distance and stepped down in the results withfull honors!

A Few Other Things to Consider
There is NO early-start option. All three Reggae races begin at 5:15 am sharp. Aide Stations and runner support services will be available only within the 6-hour course limit. The Norman Manley Boulevard is the only access for 6-miles of a resort coastline and our permit requires us to fully reopen the road at 11:15 am for tourist,
resident and business access.
Jamaican patios reference: Never mind: don’t trouble yourself
Miggle: the middle
Boomshot : number one song or hit song

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)