December 8, 2024
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“5 Tips for Setting Goals and Achieving Them”, Angie Newton

This week’s guest blog post comes to us from Angie Newton who was in Negril last December with her husband. Angie has a healthy weight loss blog where she writes about her weight loss and fitness journey and where she shares tips on living a healthy lifestyle. You can also find Angie on Facebook.  Here are her 5 quick tips for setting goals and achieving them:

Follow these simple tips the next time you have a goal you want to reach.

Announce your goals

When you set goals be sure to write them down.  Share the reasons why you want to accomplish these goals and have a very clear explanation of exactly what you want to accomplish.  Review your goals often so that you know how far you have come and/or what you might need to work on as you move ahead.

Challenge yourself to do more

Make sure your goal is achievable and something that excites you.  Embrace any struggles you might have along the way and visualize what the end result will look like so that you’re always pushing just a bit harder to get there.  The commitment you’re making to achieve this goal will be something you’ll always be proud of so truly go after what you want.  You might also keep a journal to write about your journey so you can look back and review what all you have accomplished.

Set a time frame

You can set a long-term goal but it’s best to work in small chunks.  Set short and measurable goals to see the best success.  Use a calendar to keep track along the way and you might even treat yourself to something at every milestone you reach.

Round up the support troops

You definitely need support.  Get family and friends involved by sharing your goals with them and ask them for their support.  Reach out and talk to others who might have already done what you’re setting out to accomplish. People always love to talk about their accomplishments!  Plus staying accountable to others will make a huge difference in your success.

Think Positive

It is imperative that you always have a good attitude and think positive.  If you start to feel down about your progress at any time, you need to give yourself a pep talk (and get in touch with those support troops mentioned in tip #4).  Thinking positive will take you far and it’s really important that you have confidence in ALL of your accomplishments. Just take my word for it.

Always remember to use the SMART goal method:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely

These techniques for setting goals and achieving them have worked for me and I hope they will work for you.  Like I said in my previous post about my Reggae Marathon experience, “If you set a goal, stick with it no matter what”.

What’s your best tip for setting goals and achieving them?

Until next time…

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