December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

5:15 am in Negril

I’ts 5:15 am in Negril on a warm Saturday morning in December.  And there a couple of thousand sleep deprived but excited runners racing off as Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano sends us off right on time!  In the mix are runners of every ability running and walking in one of the three events:  Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K.  We’ve been up since at least 4 am and have mingled around the start/finish area listening to Reggae Music blasting from the Sound System.  We’re triple excited:  Lined up for a race;  we’re in Negril, Jamaica;  it’s pitch black…except for the street lights and Torches at the Start!

_84A6734Runners from Black Girls Run along with their male counterparts, Black Men Run posing before heading out.  From all across America, Reggae Marathon is a magnet every December.

_84A6735Warming up may sound strange especially when the air temperature before the start of Reggae Marathon is a comfortable 70 degrees Farenheight but that’s the drill.


I just love the creativity that went into these running outfits.  All the way down to their shoes (just about).  But then, that’s one of the things that makes Reggae Marathon so much fun.  Will you be lining up at 5:15 am this December 5 in Negril?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)