December 8, 2024
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A Runner’s Etiquette

A Runner’s Etiquette

What is running etiquette? When I think about running etiquette, the first thing that comes to mind is always move out of the way of the faster runners- especially in a race. I know that if I were to come across a slower runner, that they would do the same for me. But many people have a lot of different rules for running. And they are also different when running a race.

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What are your most important rules of the road when you are running? Do they differ when you are running a race or are they the same? I think for me, when running a race, I don’t want to fall and then cause others to fall so I do my best to keep my space from other runners. And after that, there is water stop etiquette. I think a whole book can be written on that. But I think it’s most important not to throw your used water cup at another runner. Especially if there is water in it!

The article linked below from Runner’s World, will provide you with a few laughs about runner’s etiquette. Read it and then tell us in the comments what is your biggest pet peeve about other runners.

And don’t forget that registration is open for the 2021 Reggae Marathon. We look forward to seeing you in December.

Keep on running!