December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Ahhh…The Negril Beach!

In just over 2 weeks you’ll find me running along this stretch of Negril beach early morning.  While I won’t exactly have the entire beach to myself, it will sure feel that way.  If I really do have a spiritual home, the Negril beach is it!

Years ago when my family and I started coming to Negril, it seemed like a world away.  In those days the drive from Kingston took forever!  Dad liked to stop at a couple of places along the way to have some soup and roast Yam as well as pick up some fresh fruit…my favourite being Tangerines.  Negril in those had a very laid back and casual vibe.  We loved it!  And while there were hotels along the beach strip as well as the West End, they were small and few and far between.  While the roads have improved significantly and development has provided much more choice, Negril, the Capital of Casual hasn’t lost any of that laid back vibe.  I can feel the stress ebb away the closer I get to Negril every December for Reggae Marathon.


Beyond the Negril beach is the matter of running in the Reggae Marathon.  And while I don’t know if she invented the phrase, Lisa Laws of Reggae Runnerz described the total Reggae Marathon experience as a ‘Runcation’.  You can ask her for yourself this December…Lisa and over 100 Ladies from New York and nearby will be in Negril.  Running and Vacationing:  ‘Runcationing’!


My first time at Reggae Marathon 6 years ago I was so excited to have completed not only Reggae Marathon but my first full Marathon that I ran into the sea without taking off my running shoes.  Take your shoes off first but for me that day it was worth it!  I got bitten by the Reggae Marathon bug that year and it’s become the highlight of my running each year.  I run in and like lots of other race events;  I love Reggae Marathon!

Soon come!

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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