December 8, 2024
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No Beer till after Reggae Marathon!

Now that’s dedication!  I did it when I was in training for my first Reggae Marathon…the full Marathon.  I strayed the year I walked the 10K in my Walking Cast. But I did hold off from drinking beer before last year’s Reggae Marathon event.  The cold Red Stripe Beer at the finish went down very, very nicely!

You may remember Marcel Gabriels of Belgium (How Belgium’s Marcel Gabriels committed to running Reggae Marathon).  As he and his family get ready to travel to Jamaica for Reggae Marathon December 6, their dedication has taken an interesting turn as he shared with us:

unnamed2Less than 60 days before the Negril marathon event, and we are becoming a bit nervous. A few months ago when 5 of us gathered in a pub here in Belgium we made a pact  to run the Reggae Marathon this year. It seemed a long way off!
All of us have taken the challenge seriously:  We’ve done lots of running and training; Running shoes have been replaced;  There have been injuries and recoveries.  Everybody is extremely dedicated to reach the Reggae Marathon finish line on December 6…we are all totally dedicated.
But the dedication prize goes to my daughter Debby. She’s a positive and inspiring person…she got me back into running!, To succeed in her marathon mission in Negril, she promised not to drink alcohol until December 6, 10 am local Jamaican time…after she finishes!  In Belgium we enjoy our beer…it’s not easy to say no to Award winning beers. But as her proud father I can only declare my solidarity with her. The challenge goes out to the rest of our group:  Will you all wait until after Reggae Marathon for your next beer? I’ll let you know on December 6 on the Beach in Negril.
Marcel, that’s total dedication!  And in a show of support, I’m joining in as well:  I’ll refrain from beer until we meet up in the Reggae Marathon Finish Area December 6 and hoist our cold Red Stripes together!


Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)

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