December 8, 2024
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Best Patties in Negril

It was a simple question, “Where can we find the best patties in Negril?”.  With that as our mission, Dan and I were off on our quest to satisfy our hunger on Sunday after last December’s Reggae Marathon.

If you’ve had a similar urge you know that hot Jamaican Patties are a mainstay in Jamaica.  The smell…..ahhhhh!! Vegetarian, chicken, beef, all varieties are generally available.  Corner stores, street vendors and in Negril, the Patty Man walking up and down the beach are all places to get a hot Patty.  But we were on a mission to find the best patties in Negril.

First we Googled it.  Well, isn’t that we all do now?  Then we asked a staff member at the hotel we were staying at. And to be completely thorough in our research, we asked a couple people we’d met on the beach at our hotel. The response was the same:  “Niah“.  And we were off…photo0jpg

Talk about a beach shack restaurant.  Just off the beach we found Niah located in a compound of other local vendors. We made our way to the counter and after a few minutes considering the menu, opted for his recommendation.  Then we stood and watched as he expertly and quickly made our order from scratch. We wandered over to the nearby picnic table under a shade tree and in mere minutes he served up two huge, piping hot and absolutely fresh Niah Patties.

Anxiously we took our first bite: Rapture!  We really had found the best patties in Negril.  We ate in silence only stopping to wash it down with a cold Ting.   And that’s saying something…usually Dan and I are non-stop talkies.  As we finished up, we were already planning our return to Niah this December.  Hmmm…this could become another regular habit at Reggae Marathon.  And that would be a good…and very tasty…thing!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)