December 8, 2024
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Canada versus the United States at Reggae Marathon 2011

Do you know Bob More of the Washington Running Report?  If not then seek him out at the Reggae Marathon this December.  Trust me, it will be easy…that’s him ‘doing the Bolt’ at last December’s Reggae Marathon.

Bob recently issued a challenge:  He wants to do some pre-Reggae Marathon running starting on November 28 and he wants it to be a “US vs Canada” challenge.  If f you’re interested here’s what he threw down:

…I eat all that stuff even WHEN I AM NOT RUNNING. (Bob was referring to a recent post on the Reggae Marathon blog about food our runners love eating). Coffee bananas and peanut butter seem to be everyone’s common denominator. My normal breakfast food!!

With just over 70 days to Reggae Marathon 2011 I have an invite/challenge…call it what you will.
My wife Debbie and I arrive Sunday, November 27. On November 28 I will head down Manley Blvd from Tree House for a 5 mile run along the race route to the Negril Roundabout returning to the Tree House. WON’T YOU JOIN ME?

I could also meet at Swept Away if that is more convenient. That would probably make it about .6 further.  Maybe we could make it a Canada vs.USA thing…wear something “American” or “Canadian”. We beat Canada in every other sport; maybe you could win this!?

Up for the Canada versus the United States challenge run before this year’s Reggae Marathon?

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy