Running Stories

Run Pharm Boy run: Charles Wickersham’s running story

Have you ever wondered what motivates a person to run for 24 hours?  I sure have.  I asked Burt Carlson that question last year while a group of us were sitting on the beach enjoying a cold Red Stripe.  For a man who has run countless marathons and ultras, his answer was unassuming:  “because it’s fun”. Recently I came across the story of another ultra runner, Charles Wickersham. He has the same u ...[Read More]

Runners loving the Reggae Marathon experience

Michelle, Rod, Jeff and Sheila all ran in the ½ Marathon at the Reggae Marathon.  They all had a great time and shared their experiences: Michelle H. finished 2nd. Her email really captured the spirit of Saturday: I really enjoyed the race.  Was super pleased with my performance since I suffered bruised knees after a too-close encounter with a cab. Interesting experience over all that is for sure. ...[Read More]

If I have only one marathon left, let it be the Reggae Marathon

“RS” sent us a comment that sums us quite nicely the sentiment around marathons and especially the Reggae Marathon.  It inspires me to keep going through this nagging foot injury.  I hope it does the same for you: I think my primary running resolution for 2011 is to convince myself that I still have one marathon left in my tank. And if I do have one left, I can’t think of a better way to finish ou ...[Read More]

Angie Newton stuck with it at the 2010 Reggae Marathon

It all started with my husband, Kevin announcing we would be participating in the 2010 Reggae Marathon after finding a magazine article about it on our flight home from Jamaica in December 2009. I thought he was joking but he was totally serious! We decided to sign up for the half marathon. That next month, I started reading up on running and just went for it as I knew I would need a lot of traini ...[Read More]

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run?

“A hidden tribe, super athletes and the greatest race the world has never seen”. That’s the quote on the cover of Christopher McDougall’s 2011 bestselling book, “Born to Run”. He emphatically answers the question, “Yes” with interesting insights about the Tarahumara Indians who live and run great distances in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. And it all began with a pain in the foot. If you’re a runne ...[Read More]

Navin Sadarangani’s Reggae Marathon

I first learned about the annual marathon in Jamaica early in 2010. Back then I was in the Bahamas and I wanted to use the Reggae Marathon trip to visit my brother & his family in Jamaica. During one of our training runs in March with my friends from the ‘Bahamas Road Masters’ running group, the topic came up and while a couple of others seemed interested too.  By September I was committed to ...[Read More]

The top 7 reasons why running is better than…

There are so many reasons why running is better than… where do I start?  Here are my top 7: You always finish tired and happy You can do it with your clothes on Running increases your heart rate You can run and think You can run by yourself You can stop and walk while running Running clears your head There you have it.  My top 7 reasons why running is better than…sleep!  What did you t ...[Read More]

I don’t feel like running today!

I woke up this morning and just couldn’t pull myself out of bed to go for a run.  It was dark, cold and raining.  The cozy bed and an hour’s more sleep exerted a strong invitation to simply turn over and hit the snooze button.   I lay there for a few minutes luxuriating in the bliss of not having to face the pavement. It lasted about 5 minutes before my mind slowly turned to the running.  Once I f ...[Read More]

What are your running resolutions for 2011?

I’m still working on a great 2010 Christmas!  Lots of great times spent with family and friends since last Friday with no end in sight until after the New Year.  And the meals… Whew! I must confess that I haven’t done much running either and am starting to feel a tiny bit guilty…and a little heavier.  With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, here are my running resolutions for 2011; ...[Read More]

Only 359 days to Reggae Marathon 2011 in Negril, Jamaica

OK, maybe I’m overanxious about the Reggae Marathon but what’s not to love…and look forward to. Last week we got to catch up with Reggae Marathon friends we met in 2009 and trade war stories.   We also made new friends from Atlanta, Maine and get this, Japan! Staying at our hotel was a mid-70’s year old gentleman, Niida Akira who traveled all the way from Chiba, Japan just ...[Read More]