December 8, 2024
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When to change Running Shoes

When do you change your running shoes?  I change mine when they get ‘Squishy’.  I’m less concerned about time and distance; when I loose the cushioning and support, I know it’s time to change my running shoes.  The consequences of continuing to run in running shoes that have past their ‘best before’ date are injuries.  Foot, ankle, shin, knees, hips, back…basically your entire internal support system of muscles, joints and bones are at increased risk of injury when you ignore the warning signs.

I identify the time to change my running shoes as ‘Squishy’.  It’s when I walk in them and can’t feel any support;  when there is a tear in the upper;  when the outsole has worn out, usually on one side.  The time in between changing running shoes is affected by moisture.  If I’ve had a number of runs in the rain and don’t allow enough time in between to properly dry out, I’ve found that my shoes deteriorate more quickly.  A good practice is to have two pairs of running shoes on the go at any time so that you can alternate daily.  And they don’t have to be the same exact shoe.  In fact there is a running theory that suggests that you should alternate between different running shoes to keep your feet strong.  Who knows…I’ve tried and can’t say it hurts.

For some scientific advice on when to change your running shoes, here are a number of good articles:

Pay attention to your running shoes and change them when they no longer do the job they were designed to do.

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