December 8, 2024
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Double Bling for Reggae Runnerz

Double Bling rewards Reggae Runnerz at Reggae Marathon!  Wow!!

Back in the day we ran for T Shirts.  At all of my 10K races and even Triathalon events, I received a T Shirt as the only reward for competing in the event.  I had a small mountain of T Shirts that I loved and just could not get rid of even after they were well past their primes.  There were no finisher medals.  We competed for that T Shirt and bragging rights about Personal Bests.

Fast forward a number of years and it’s all about the Bling now!  I love the change.  I get much less stress from my wife about my collection of Finisher Medals and even she is impressed with my collection of Reggae Marathon Finisher Medals: Up to 6 consecutive ones now and looking forward to number 7 this December 5.  But Lisa Laws and Reggae Runnerz have taken it up a notch with their own Medal:  It’s Double Bling for Reggae Runnerz at Reggae Marathon!!

Reggae Runnerz BlingBling

If you are on the fence about joining Reggae Runnerz at Reggae Marathon in Negril this December, get off that uncomfortable fence now!  Reggae Runnerz put on one heck of an event…and post race Victory Dinner.  Last December I had the pleasure of attending their group victory dinner Saturday evening.  I am still speachless over the stage show that featured 8 couples demonstrating Twerking.  I got to participate on stage as well in a game that featured toilet paper rolls and plungers…what happens in Negril stays in Negril 🙂   I know there are pictures out there though 🙂

And speaking of pictures, here are the Reggae Runnerz before the start of Reggae Marathon last December:

Reggae Runnerz

This year Reggae Runnerz have groups coming from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville…the list goes on!  The 15th Annual Reggae Marathon this December 5 will be special…and will be even more fantastic for Reggae Runnerz!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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