December 8, 2024
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Favorite Reggae Marathon Memory

Favorite Reggae Marathon Memory

If you’ve run the Reggae Marathon more than once, there is likely a reason that you came back for a second, third, or fourth year and beyond. Usually, it’s the people that you meet.  Do you have a favorite Reggae Marathon Memory?

It’s hard to find one memory that I would consider my favorite, but I think I can narrow it down to the my race in 2018. I recently had a good marathon a few weeks earlier and I was hoping to have a similar performance in Negril. The Reggae Marathon is never my best half. It’s a good race for me if I’m able to run it the whole way. I truly run it to have fun and visit and see friends each year. But in 2018, I finally had a good race that I was proud of running. It was my best time and I felt great after too. And of course, I celebrated with my Red Stripe and fresh coconut and of course a walk in the ocean.

Keep on Running!!