December 8, 2024
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Feeding the piggy bank…under 6 months to Reggae Marathon 2011

We awoke the beast last week.  Bob Moore of Capital Running Company/Washington Running Report loved his picture proudly wearing the Bolt Wings so much that he sent us an email enthusing about the Reggae Marathon.  He calls it his favourite and with his day job working on numerous running events in and around Washington DC that’s saying something.  Yes, he is feeding his piggy bank in anticipation of Reggae Marathon 2011.  Here’s what he shared in his email:

We first met the Reggae Marathon RunninGuy in 2009, and as soon as I get a smart phone, we are going to go for a virtual run using Skype.

He is a marathoner, so I like to get him to go for a run the 1st day he is in Negril. His blood is used to winter, and he is still tired from traveling. By race day, I avoid him at the start.

While you can run a Marathon, 1/2 or even a 10K anywhere in the world, at Reggae Marathon you can:

  • Run along the beach in warm weather in Dec
  • Buy Christmas gifts from Jamaica for your family
  • Meet people from all around the world
  • Spend a couple days hanging out, going to places like Rick’s’ Cafe, taking a stroll along the moonlit beach
  • Go to the WORLD’S BEST PASTA PARTY at Couples Swept Away
  • Experiencing the best race start in the world
  • Get to know Jamaicans…some of the nicest people I know

Let’s get a group together for a warm up run before the Reggae Marathon this December. Have as many people as possible meet and go for a run like you and I did last year. Yeah, Thursday, Dec 1, 2011, let’s meet at 8am…OK 9am to run down to the roundabout and back! PRICELESS!

Thanks Bob.  Great idea to meet up Thursday morning.  How about outside Couples Swept Away?  Anybody else up for this?  If you are, we look forward to running with you.  Keep feeding the piggybank.

Here’s a favourite picture from the start of the Reggae Marathon.

Race Director Frano at the start of Reggae Marathon







Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

Note:  Reggae Marathon start photo courtesy of Karen Fuchs Photography