December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

First stop Montego Bay

First stop Montego Bay!

Coming from ‘Away’?  Your first stop is likely to be Montego Bay.  The Montego Bay Sangster International Airport to be exact.  And as airports go, it’s a very good one!

As the major point of entry to Jamaica for vacationers, it deals with a lot of volume.  And while the Immigration Hall may look intimidating at first, the lines move pretty quickly.  Just past that is a booth where you can change a few dollars into local Jamaican currency.  That’s a good idea even though the US$ is widely accepted.

Immediately past that is the baggage claim area.  Again, the carousels are well organized and well identified.  This is usually a speedy experience.  Double check your bag!  They really all do look the same.  You’d hate to not have your running gear by leaving with the wrong bag.

Then it’s off to the final check:  Customs.  Unless you are planning to leave goods behind or have some un-allowed products with you, this is also pretty fast.

Then…out into Jamaica!

It’s hot.  It’s loud.  It’s bustling.  It’s Jamaica.

If you have pre-arranged transportation, you will have already been directed to the particular kiosk.  And yes, it’s best to pre-arrange this.  JUTA Negril is a good option for getting to your hotel in Negril.  Here is their link:  JUTA Negril.

Welcome to Jamaica…and Reggae Marathon.

These links are handy for information on the airport:

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