December 8, 2024
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First Timer or Reggae Regular?

First Timer or Reggae Regular?

Whether you’re a first time Reggae Marathon runner or you’ve been coming for years, you’ll leave the race with not only the medal, but also many memories. It may be the people that you meet. The memorable food at the pasta party. Or perhaps running as the sun rises with the sound of music as you start your race.

My favorite Reggae Marathon memory was my second year at the pasta party. The group of people that I was having dinner with invited a few new people to eat with us. It was during our dinner conversation that we learned that a new runner, Jennifer, was in it to win it. We did not know how fast she was. The next morning, while waiting for her to finish the marathon, we realized that she was going to win the marathon and not only win, but she was also over twenty minutes ahead of the next competitor!

It was fun to hang out with and celebrate the marathon winner for the remainder of my trip in Negril. I have many more memories, but meeting Jennifer was a memory that will always stand out for me.

If you are a Reggae Marathon regular, what’s your favorite memory?