December 8, 2024
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Friends I’ve met along the way at Reggae Marathon

The Reggae Marathon is about the running but the memories are of people.  I’ve made some great friends since running my first Reggae Marathon in 2009.  But that’s what happens when you combine a beach vacation in Negril with running in the Reggae Marathon.

Bob Moore doing 'The Bolt' after Reggae Marathon 2010

Sally and I had just settled in on our lounge chairs on the beach on the first morning after our arrival for our first Reggae Marathon.  “Are you here for the Reggae Marathon?” were the first words out of Bob Moore’s mouth.  We were together after that for the rest of the weekend.  Bob lives and works in Washington, DC and doing what he loves:  managing running events with Washington Running Report.  Bob also loves Jamaica, the Reggae Marathon and having fun.  See you in December again Bob.

Yes, he does run barefoot...on pavement!

George Colombo and I met online.  I know how that sounds but a casual introduction based on his past experience in Negril at the Reggae Marathon has developed into a great online relationship.  George is big on barefoot running.  In his blog Natural Stride Sports he states his case. We have debated the merits many times.  While I’ve tried barefoot running on the beach, I’m firmly on the minimalist shoe side.  We’ll have to run together soon George.

Angie Newton and hubby at Reggae Marathon 2010

We were supposed to meet Angie Newton and her husband at the Media Tent at last December’s Reggae Marathon.  I blame the laid-back ‘Capital of Casual’ Negril vibe for missing the connection Friday afternoon but Angie and I have stayed in touch since then.  Check out her inspiring story on her blog Loosing it and Loving it.  Angie inspires me and keeps me motivated.

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Reggae Marathon RunninGuy

Note:  Feature photo courtesy of Errol Anderson Photography