December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Getting back to the beach

Sitting here on the back porch early this morning with my first cup of coffee, I’m drawn to…beaches.  I’m a beach person.  Given the choice, I make a bee line to a beach every chance I get.  Maybe it’s because beaches played such a large and memorable part of growing up in Jamaica but I like being on or near a beach.

Some of my favourite beaches include:

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.  Less than a mile wide, part of the allure is that it’s ‘more than half way around the world’! At least it seems that way it seems. The beach itself is wide white sand with big waves crashing ashore.  Nice running as well along the concrete boardwalk and the side streets that hug the shoreline.  Bondi Beach can be crowed on weekends and Christmas Day on Bondi is a special treat as it seems as if most of Sydney is there celebrating Christmas.



Biarritz on the southwest coast of France.  Again not the longest but a real people watching place to be.  This is also a wide sandy beach bordering on the cold water of the English Channel but it has some hugh waves just off shore and is something of a surfing destination.  The vibe is unique due to its close proximity to Spain:  Casual French chic with Spanish boisterousness.  Some nice scenery while running along the paved boardwalk and side streets.



Manhattan Beach in southern Los Angeles.  Super wide white sand with the endless vista of the Pacific.  Very moody this one…the water can feature gentle waves lapping the shore or intense breakers crashing ashore depending on the weather.  Manhattan Beach merges with numerous other beaches heading north and the run along the paved walk/rollerblade/cycling path is marvellous.



And my all-time favourite, Negril.  The miles of white sand combined with the clear, warm water of the Caribbean keeps Negril at the top of my list.  I love running along the road because of the surprising vistas of the beach that occur around many corners.  And at any time of day Reggae drifts out of many of the shops and small restaurants that dot the roadway.



Just over 90 days to go now until Reggae Marathon on my favourite beach, Negril.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy