December 8, 2024
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Getting to the start of Reggae Marathon was half the fun

After an absolutely fantastic day on Saturday at Reggae Marathon 2011, my system is still in over-drive from the experiences of the day.  So like my high school English teacher advised when there was either too much or not enough, just start writing.  Here goes.

I got to Negril for Reggae Marathon later than I had planned and headed straight to the Pasta Party at the Couples Swept Away Sporting Complex.  The atmosphere was truly electric.  I wolfed down some fantastic pasta in between endless conversations with Reggae Marathon online fans who I finally had the opportunity to meet.  Tons of stories that I’ll share in 2012.

I headed directly from the Pasta Party to Rondel Village and still had enough energy after checking in to go out into the sea and splash around for a few minutes.  Yes they thought I was crazy but hey, It’s Reggae Marathon weekend in Negril! After unpacking and getting my running stuff ready for the early rise Saturday morning, I finally got to bed.  Not to sleep though…I spent much of the night going over my race strategy.  I jumped out of bed at 3:30 am Saturday morning

raring to go.

Walk or shuttle?  That was the big decision after grabbing my usual pre-race breakfast of dry cheerios and fruit washed down with some hot coffee.  I decided that a nice fast-paced walk along the closed road would get my juices going so that was that.

As I rounded the curve just past celebrex generic name Couples Swept Away I picked up the sounds of reggae…loud reggae…from the start line at Long Bay Beach Park.  And even though this was my third Reggae Marathon, I got even more excited.  I reminded myself to watch out for all this building adreneline…there was a long race ahead.

After checking my bag, I headed out for my pre-race warm up run and burned off some of the ‘buzzy energy’.  I topped-up by water and Hi-Lyte available near the start line  I was ready for Reggae Marathon 2011…

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy


For more information, check the Reggae Marathon web site.  Click here for the link to Reggae Marathon 2011 Results.  Photo courtesy of Karen Fuchs Photography