December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Have you had your banana today?

Give me a banana.  Actually, make that two!  And don’t wait for the bananas at the end of the Reggae Marathon in addition to the fresh cut coconut.  Eat a banana before the race as you make your way to the start line December 3.  It turns out that bananas contain three natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose that combined with the natural fibre releases an instant and sustained energy boost.  Enough energy in fact for a strenuous 90 minute workout or through the Reggae Marathon 10 K and most of the way through the ½ Marathon.

But there’s more…

Bananas contain tryptophan that the body converts into serotonin which helps you relax and improve your mood.  Who knew that bananas was a ‘mind altering food’? Bananas contain Vitamin B6 as well that helps regulate blood glucose levels.

Bananas are also high in iron and potassium yet low in salt.  This combination is helpful in dealing with anemia and can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure or stroke.  The high potassium content also makes you smarter.  Or at least helps with alertness.  I prefer smarter.

Bananas help relieve heartburn because they have a natural antacid effect when digested.

And last but not least, bananas can help reduce the swelling and irritation of mosquito bites:  rub the bite with the inside of a banana skin.  Go ahead, try it.

With all these benefits along with the low-mess, easy to eat shape, bananas are natures ‘super food’ for runners.  We have one with your name on it at this year’s Reggae Marathon.

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy