December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Healthy and Injury-free Running this Summer

As I get older…shhh, don’t tell anyone…I’m challenged with staying healthy and injury-free.

“What do you mean I can’t do what I did 25 years ago?”

Father Time marches on so I’ve had to modify my expectations and running so that I can continue to run for many more years.  If you’re faced with the same challenge, here are some articles on how to keep running healthy and injury-free:

bodybreakdownsmar200_2Running is supposed to improve your health.  Burning fat, improved breathing, lowering stress, loosing weight…these are all some of the benefits of running.  Staying healthy and injury-free is key to long-term enjoyment.  I’ve had a few injuries over the past few years and it’s not been fun.  Now that I’m back to running injury-free, I have a new respect for staying healthy.  From Runner’s World, here’s a good article on the 5 Keys to Healthy Running.


One of the challenges of training for a marathon whether it’s your first or 10th is putting in the training miles without sustaining serious injury.  In this article are some excellent suggestions on how to stay injury-free while putting in the miles:  Injury-Free Marathon Training


IMG_2835-800x576-300x216Dan Cumming is a Seasoned Runner.  That’s code for runners who have been running a long, long time.  I say that with all due respect…Dan has been ‘tearing it up’ this year with some extreme running and is about to participate in the 24 hour Hood to Coast Relay in the North-west US.  In this article he shares some excellent thoughts on training:  Random Thoughts on Training.


Continue running.  Stay healthy.  See you in Negril this December.

Until next time…

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