December 8, 2024
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How we roll at Reggae Marathon

And I don’t mean roller-blade!

Jamaica is famous for many things:

  • Beaches and sunshine…the best in the world (in my humble opinion) especially the ‘miles of white sand’ in Negril
  • Coffee!  A hot cup of Blue Mountain coffee on a cold winter morning (or chilly fall or spring)…need I say more
  • Ice cold Red Stripe Beer.  Especially the one you get immediately after completing Reggae Marathon
  • Scenery…from the tip of Blue Mountain peak to the falls at Dunn’s River to rugged Cockpit Countrty…Jamaica is truly a green and lush paradise
  • The people!  Ahhh…besides the running and beach vacation that Negril affords us every December, it’s the people.  From the volunteers who work tirelessly to make our Reggae Marathon experience flawless to runners who become lifelong friends, Jamaica brings out the best in …People!

So from the runners enjoying fresh cut coconuts and Red Stripe Beer after Reggae Marathon in the photo above, here”s how we roll  at Reggae Marathon…wishing it would never end…


This young man has likely been up all night getting ready for the Torch Light start of Reggae Marathon at 5:15 am.  Combined with loud Bob Marley leading up to Reggae Marathon Race Director Frano sending us off, it’s all ‘Vibrations, Positive’.


It’s all about dashing into the gently lapping Caribbean right after finishing Reggae Marathon.  How many other races finish literally feet from the beach!  Oh yes, the Reggae Marathon Finisher Medals are nice too :).


I love this photo for 3 reasons.  First, this Reggae Marathoner is truly an inspiration.  If you have the chance to run with him, you will come away awed by his humility.  Second, did you check out his Pumas?  Jamaica all the way!  Even has the Jamaican flag on his socks.  And third, the cyclist:  multi-tasking while riding.  NOT recommended but he does look good!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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Photos courtesy of Errol Anderson, Karen Fuchs, Lance Brown