December 8, 2024
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How your Running Form affects your Running Performance

Beg forgiveness for abusing this famous quote:  “It is better to look good…and darling, you look marvelous!”

While running, I have yet to pass a glass storefront without sneaking a look at my running form.  Vane?  Maybe but who of you hasn’t?  Come on now, be honest.

2012 Reggae Marathon

I watch Marathons and distance running events every chance I get.  I’m no Elite but I love watching their form.  Similarly when out driving and I see a runner, I always make a mental note on their running form.  Not to judge but just a note on how comfortably or uncomfortably they seem to be running.

So how does running form affect your running.  Forefoot, barefoot, heel strike;  arm motion; posture…all contribute to proper running form and impact your performance…and running pleasure.  I recently came across this article on running form. It outlined the 6 things to think about to improve the efficiency of your running form:  6 Things to Improve your Running Form.


Looking good while running really does matter. So watch your form and see improvements in your running.

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