December 8, 2024
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I’ll always be a Runner

I’ll always be a runner.  For over 30 years now I’ve been a runner.  When I’ve slowed down to a shuffle, in my mind I’ll still be a runner.

These quotes and inspirational photos are from one of my favorite motivation places, Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes. They keep me going on those dark mornings when going for a run is the farthest thing from my mind.


“I will always be a runner. Running is just so accessible. I’ll always do it. It doesn’t matter where I go, I pack a pair of running shoes. Even if I’m going somewhere for a night, well, what if I wake up and want to go for a run? I can’t leave these behind. I’ll always enjoy it and I’ll always live somewhere close to trails and I can always just get on to the trail and give ’er in the trees for a few minutes.

From my perspective, the things that are worth enjoying are free. Running shoes aren’t free, but it doesn’t cost anything to get out there and go for a run.”

-Adam van Koeverden, Olympic champion kayaker


“There’s an overwhelming cultural mentality today that difficult tasks should be avoided; that volitional discomfort is an indication of some psychological oddity. Meanwhile, ultramarathons promise exactly the opposite; the expectation is that the race will be strenuous. Your body will get battered, your spirit will get broken, and you’ll question your sanity and emotional stability. (What’s more – you’ll pay somebody a lot of money in race fees for this to happen. If it weren’t for ultrarunning, there’d be a huge boom in masochism support groups. Clearly, we NEED this sport.) It’s no wonder most people think we’re insane.

But here’s the good part: our gain for suffering through all of this is something akin to enlightenment. We understand that our bodies and minds are capable of far more than most people ever realize – that the primary limiting factors in life’s journeys are the extent to which our minds can dream, and to which we’re willing to work to achieve them.

These truths we discover about ourselves are what keep us coming back for more. In that regard, ultrarunners are the fishermen leaving the shore: we’re fully aware that the storms might be terrible – but the rewards we harvest by venturing into the sea are always worth the hardship.”

-Donald Buraglio, The Running Life: Wisdom and Observations from a Lifetime of Running

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Photos and quotes courtesy of Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes.