December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Inspiring Runners

Inspiring Runners

With the Olympics last week, it was easy to find some runners who are truly inspiring.  Watching the track and field events and the marathon a few weeks ago, I was moved by so many athletes and their stories. Watching the women’s Jamaican 100m team run 1-2-3 was pretty special. That’s something that does not happen often. And if you haven’t heard the story of Hansle Parchment, the Jamaican hurdler who got lost on the way to the stadium, read the link below. But here’s a spoiler- he won the Gold Medal.

Hansle Parchment- Jamaican Hurdler

As a marathon runner, it was fun to watch Molly Seidel get a Bronze Medal in the marathon was pretty epic. She came into the race not even a contender and ran with the Gold and Silver Medalist for almost the 25 miles before they started to pull away from the pack.

What are some of the stories or runner from the Olympics that inspired you?