December 8, 2024
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It’s Spring Training Time

It’s Spring Training Time

For many who live in the United States, it’s almost spring time. With that comes warmer weather and longer days of sunshine. It makes those days when you have to go out for a run a lot easier when you don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing.

So what are the benefits of spring training? You can build up your base for fall marathons. Getting out for four to five runs a week and for about 20 miles, you will be in good shape when you start training for your marathons. And as you get closer to reaching your marathon training, you not only increase your mileage, but you’ll also want to increase your pace (on certain runs) too.

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If you are looking for benefits of spring training, be sure to check out the article that is linked below. And what do you like most about spring training?

Spring Training Tips