December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Just over 6 Months to Go

Just over 6 Months to Go

The Reggae Marathon is just over six months away. I repeat, the Reggae Marathon is just over six months away. Have you registered for the race yet? If not, here is the link for registration-  2022 Reggae Marathon Registration   . Registering for the race is just the beginning.

Traveling to Negril and finding the right hotel room is just as important as your race training. Our website has a comprehensive list of hotels that are in Negril and would be a great choice for you stay there. But you must decided if you want an all-inclusive hotel or want a smaller hotel which may or may not have a meal plan option. Be sure to look at all your options and find what will work best for you. I’d recommend a place on Seven Mile Beach. It’s great to wake up in the morning and go for a run on the sand and jump right in the water.

When looking for a flight, know that Jamaica has two major airports. There is one in Kingston and one in Montego Bay. Getting to Negril, Montego Bay is the closer airport. There will be another blog in the coming months about transportation from the airport to Negril. The ride is about an hour and a half and takes you through Montego Bay and Lucea as well as some of the Negril countryside. Enjoy the ride.

So if you haven’t started planning, now is the time to start.

See you in December.