December 8, 2024
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Keep Running!

Do you love to run early in the morning run?  Or do you prefer to finish your day with a run?  Either way, running each day is just something we do, like breathing.  These are some quotes we found recently that keep us running!


“I have to run first thing in the morning (I am talking about 5AM) to get it done and out of the way and crossed off my very long ‘to do’ list. Then I am at peace with myself all day long and I can go about work, family, errands, etc., knowing that I have already done one of the most important things of the day: running. Even though it is extremely hard getting out of a warm bed while the rest of the house is sleeping, running that early in the morning is better than a pot of coffee. I have so much energy all day long, plus I love making that daily mark in my log book. On the rare days I don’t run early, it is all I think about and that nagging voice in my head won’t shut up until I get my mileage in. There are no words to describe just how good the body feels after running, so I remind myself of that feeling and really look forward to it. There are also no words to describe how bad I feel if I don’t run – it just ruins my whole day.”


“The number of miles I have run since I was a toddler would have taken me around the world several times, and I still cannot define precisely my joy in running. There is no sacrifice in it. I lead what I regard a normal life. In my case, I thoroughly enjoy running 100-odd miles a week. If I didn’t I wouldn’t do it. Who can define happiness? To some, happiness is a warm puppy or a glass of cold beer. To me, happiness is running in the hills with my mates around me.”

-Ron Clarke, The Unforgiving Minute


“We need to praise running for what it is. There are safer ways to exercise than this, better ways to meditate, quicker ways to get high, truer ways to find religion, and easier ways to have fun. But there is no finer sport. It attracts people for no more mystical reason than that they like to be winners at something. Objective measures of time and distance give every runner a chance to win— a claim few sports can make and a principle no other sport applies so well.”

-Joe Henderson, Run Farther, Run Faster

Keep on running.  Thanks as usual to Gibson’s Daily Running quotes for preparing and sharing these.

Until next time…

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