December 8, 2024
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Let’s Go to the Movies

Let’s Go to the Movies

While many of us have been spending more time at home due to shelter in place orders, we’ve had the opportunity to catch up on tv shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu or some other source. This time at home has allowed me to do the same. And while it is well known that many James Bond films take place in Jamaica, there are many other movies that take place on the beautiful island. Some other familiar ones are Cool Runnings, How Stella Got her Groove Back, and Cocktail.

I recently came across the movie Sprinter on Netflix. Sprinter is the story of a high school track star in Jamaica, who is set to become the next Usain Bolt. The movie follows Akeen Sharp through most of the track season while in high school. There is even a cameo by Usain Bolt. If you have the time, I recommend Sprinter, especially if you enjoy running, track and field, and of course Jamaica.

In the meantime, stay safe Reggae Marathoners.