December 8, 2024
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Let’s Talk Running Podcasts

Let’s Talk Running Podcasts

Having been a runner for over a decade, I’ve read a lot of books and magazine articles on running. Within the last few years podcasts have burst onto the scene. I used to only listen to podcasts when commuting, but when the pandemic hit, and running with people became nonexistent for me, I started to listen to podcasts on the run. They have kept me occupied on hundreds of miles while running. I’ve listened to podcast where professional runners are interviewed and podcasts with amateur runners too. With most podcasts, I find that most of the people who are interviewed are very relatable to many runners.

With that said, here are some of my favorite running podcasts in no particular order-

  • The Rambling Runner- Matt Chittim
  • A Runner’s Life- Marcus Brown
  • I’ll Have Another- Lindsey Hein
  • C Tolle Run- Carrie Tollefson
  • Keeping Track- Molly Huddle, Alysia Montano, and Roisin McGettigan
  • Citius MAG Podcast- Chris Chavez
  • Runners of NYC – Chris Chavez and Leigh Anne Sharek

As I continue to spend more time running and more time listening to more podcasts, I’ll share them with you. If you have a favorite running podcast, let me know, I’m always looking for more content.


Keep on running!!