December 8, 2024
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My Favorite Jamaican Excursion

My Favorite Jamaican Excursion

I’ve been to Jamaica many times for the Reggae Marathon. Over the years, I have had he opportunity to explore many of the beautiful spaces that Jamaica has to offer. I enjoy going to the more common places that a lot of people who go to Jamaica like Dunn’s River Falls and Rick’s Café but I have also visited a few places that are little more off the beaten path and not too far from Negril!

If you must choose one waterfall to visit, I’d recommend YS Falls. It’s beautiful and has lush greenery. It’s also a super chill place to just spend the day and have a good time and relax. When you’re done on the falls, you can have a Red Stripe and lay down by the pool hop in when you get hot and then go back to getting some sun.

If you are into a little more adventure, take the trip to Blue Hole. It’s about a 45-minute ride from Negril and you can jump 35 feet into the Blue Hole and enjoy the cool water as it hits your skin. Be sure to visit the website of our partner Visit Jamaica for more information on all you can do when visiting Jamaica!

See you in December!