December 8, 2024
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You meet the nicest people

You really do meet the nicest people on vacation.  The Sunday after Reggae Marathon I headed out with a fellow runner for a late supper.  We walked to a small, unassuming restaurant where we had enjoyed a great meal the year before.  It’s a great little place with picnic tables and hard packed sand on the floor.  Patio lanterns strung around the edge of the roof gave the place a funky ambiance.

We though we’d be alone since it was a bit later than the normal supper hour and it was a Sunday. Fortunately for us four other people were there at the bar and they were intently perusing the Menu. And as these situations often go, all six of us started chatting.  With one of the couples, JoAnn and Kevin we sat down to eat with them.  It turned out that although they were not runners themselves, they’d got caught up in the excitement of Reggae Marathon and decided to get up early Saturday morning to watch and cheer on all the runners.  What?  On vacation!  Not runners! Getting up before dawn to watch runners??  See…you do meet the nicest people on vacation!

JoAnn sent us an email after and here’s what she had to say about their Reggae Marathon experience:

Hi.  What  a nice evening last night , meeting the both of you at the restaurant.  Good conversation, a great meal…near perfect !!!  When we got to our hotel on the Negril Beach strip,a staff member at our hotel told us about the Reggae Marathon.  As well there were posters in the lobby.  As we have several friends who are marathoners and IronMen, we couldn’t wait to watch this.  We went onto the Reggae Marathon Web site and got all the details as to route and start time. We set our alarm to get up and watch! We were out front at the start of the race and stayed until the leaders made their second lap so we were able to cheer on all most of the participants at least once.  What a great race , perfect weather, committed athletes and a lot of local flavour combined to make this one of the highlights of our trip!!!  Keep up the great work! Maybe soon we’ll come back and walk the 10K!
JoAnn sent us this photo that she took of the Christmas lights at the front of their hotel.  If you ran last Saturday morning you passed this a couple of times.  And you had JoAnn and Kevin cheering you on!

Yes, you really do meet the nicest people on vacation!

Until next time…

Reggae Marathon RunninGuy (aka Sugar ‘Tuff Gong’ Bong)


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