December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

On Your Run

On Your Run

What kind of runner are you? Do you listen to music when your run? Are you podcast listener? Do like your runs to be quiet and contemplative? Or are you a social runner and enjoy a conversational pace with friends? We all have different preferences when we run and sometimes depending on the day, we change the kind of run we want to have that day.

There are a lot of groups that provide support for runners in many cities now. This allows runners to have a buddy to run with and perhaps some nutrition too. If you are a runner that enjoys having a group to go to your local running store and ask if they host runs from their store.

Just make sure when you get to Jamaica, you come prepared to run with a couple thousand of your closest friends.

See you in December.


And if you need the registration for the 2022 Reggae Marathon, here it is- 2022 Reggae Marathon Registration.