December 8, 2024
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One way to run

One way to run

Recently I’ve been mulling over a statement I heard, from a runner of all people.  It went like this, “I look terrible when I run’.

Thankfully I was able to withhold my immediate reaction and response.  I love running and have been running now for over 30 years.  Something about that statement dragged me back to my early running days when I had a similar feeling.  Back then I had no one to talk to and beat myself up unnecessarily about my running form.  My insecurities held me back…it took many years of stops and starts before I learned to love running.  I wanted to help that runner avoid much of that wasted time.

So I’ve been ruminating.  And I think I have the answer.  Deceptively simple actually: There is no one way to run!

For the Elite runners, those with low body fat, small and light frames, high leg kicks and rapid leg turn over, there may be only one way to run.  And those of us not blessed with that physique can drive ourselves crazy when we see them effortlessly turn over mile after mile at sub-5 minute pace.  I know I did.  I’m much ‘stockier’ with shorter legs. In trying to emulate those elite runners I’ve needlessly injured myself.  Multiple times:  Strains, sprains, broken bones!

Additionally in trying run in that one way, I’ve been uncomfortable.  Erratic breathing to start…never really recovering.  Short run!

So no, there is really no one one way to run.  If you can you lace up a pair of running shoes you’re a runner!

Until next time…

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