December 8, 2024
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Is the Paleo Diet another fad?

Is the Paleo Diet another fad?  The basic premise is that we should eat foods that the cave men ate…after all, it was it was right for them, then it has to be right for us.  But there are a couple of differences between modern humans and those who lived during the  Paleolithic Era:  First, it lasted 2.5 million years.  It involved changing and evolving populations and food sources.  Food, environment and evolution are a lot different.  Second, life expectancy was significantly shorter at 40 years in the Paleolithic time.  Today we live significantly longer.  We have different needs as we age.

But all is not for naught.  One basic benefit of the Paleo Diet is this:  Stay away from all packaged and processed foods.  Cooking from scratch may take longer and may not always be convenient but it is the best way to mimic the way food was prepared in the Paleolithic Era.  if you like grilling over open flame, you’re on the right track!  For more info on the Paleo Diet and to find out how to eat like a cave man, check out this article: Is the Paleo Diet right for you?

Keep it fresh, cut out processed and packaged foods, watch the calories each day and of course exercise regularly.  That’s the best way to make the Paleo Diet work for you.

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