December 8, 2024
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Post- Race Recovery Tips and Tricks

Post- Race Recovery Tips and Tricks

One of the greatest feelings for a runner is to finish a race and collect a medal. But what else is important after a race, especially a longer race like a marathon or half-marathon, is how to recover properly. I learned early on why, after a marathon, it is important to walk and keep moving after you finish. For anyone who has run the NYC Marathon, you know that long walk that you need to take to get out of Central Park.

Post Race Recovery at the Reggae Marathon

At the Reggae Marathon, you have many options to aid in your recovery. After you get your medal, you enter the post-race party area. And for those who have been there before, you know what to expect. We have the misting tent, which is great for those who need to cool down but might not feel the need to take a dip in the ice baths. The ice baths are for those who are able to tolerate submerging their entire body into a giant tub filled with ice water. Full disclosure, I love the misting tents and the cold towels and washcloths, but I’m not brave enough to do the ice baths. (I did a mini ice bath once after one of my long training runs but it wasn’t that cold- just cold enough to be uncomfortable.)

Reggae Marathon 2018

In addition to the misting tents and the ice baths, there are massage therapists who are there to help you work out the kinks in your body. So that is another way to help you recover after you run. Finally at the Reggae Marathon, there are options for you to participate in some yoga. What better way to finish your run with a good stretch session on the beach.

Finally, don’t forget about proper hydration. Water and other beverages with electrolytes will help your recovery. And if you are still looking for more tips, check out the linked article below from

Keep on running.