December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Race Day is Approaching

Race Day is Approaching

Race day is approaching! How are you feeling? We are at time where those who are running the Marathon are approaching their last few longs runs and will start to taper! Then, let the taper madness begin. Race day is exciting. There is music that is played from the steel pan drums. There is the light from the tiki torches.

What are you looking forward to on race morning? This year will be so exciting as it has been three years since the Reggae Marathon has been held in person. We will have to catch up with one another about the races we’ve done, the places we’ve traveled to, and the adventures we’ve taken. It will be a long-awaited reunion.

So start thinking about your race gear and what you’ll need on race day because it will be here before you know it.

See you in a month!