December 8, 2024
Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Races

Race Morning- What You Need to Know

Race Morning- What You Need to Know

Well before the gun sounds to signal the start of the Reggae Marathon, your alarm will go off to wake you up in what is still considered the middle of the night. At four in the morning, the moon is still high above the ocean and can be seen in the dark sky among the stars. To get to the start, you can either take the shuttle service or if your hotel is close enough, you can walk or jog to the start. If you are checking your bag, make sure to leave enough time to drop it off and get to your corral without feeling rushed. You’ll line up in a self-seeded corral in what you feel will be your anticipated pace for the race. As always, be respectful of those who are at the front. If you plan to walk, be sure to start closer to the back of the corrals. The local high school students, who come to race the 10k, line up at the front of the starting line. They are there not only to win the race but also to be a part of the winning 10k team!

Once the race begins, it’s every runner for themself running their way down the street lit by tiki torches. You’ll hear the steel pan drums shortly after you pass the start and make your way toward the roundabout. After you pass the roundabout, the sun will start to rise, and you’ll feel the heat coming down. Depending on your race of choice, you’ll finish shortly after sunrise, or if you choose the half marathon, you’ll have about another hour pounding the pavement before you cross the finish line to collect your medal and coconut! And most of all, don’t forget to take your post-race pictures with that blue water in the background.

Enjoy your run so you can relax in the sun in the afternoon.