December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon 2013: All that eating with the nicest people

The came, they saw, they ran.  And it was good.  Correct that…it was GREAT!

Everyone at Reggae Marathon has a personal story.  One of the big ones is what the marketing mucky-mucks calls “Destination Running/Sports Tourism”.  Sounds so formal.  Lisa Laws of Reggae Runnerz dubbed it “Runcation”.  That sounds so much better.  No matter what you call Reggae Marathon, the experience is a memorable one.  Today’s post features stories from two Reggae Marathoners who wrote about their experience last December.  The first is from Amy Rosen, first timer and the second is from Dan Cumming at his 3rd consecutive Reggae Marathon.


Amy on the right

For Amy it was not only her first Reggae Marathon, it was her first distance race! Her story sums up the total Reggae Marathon experience very well including the ‘very early morning race start’.

Amy also liked the food…what’s not to like about fresh fish and chicken cooked up ‘Jamaican style’.  Here’s her story, “Reggae Marathon Resolution Run…and all that Eating”  . 



Dan on the right

Dan Cumming is a seasoned runner (his term).  He’s a true distance runner who’s had running experiences around the world.  Last year in addition to completing the evening race in Las Vegas, he ran a team that competed in the Hood to Coast 24 hour Relay in Washington State.  He ended his race year at Reggae Marathon.  Here’s his re-cap of his 3rd consecutive Reggae Marathon:  “You meet the nicest people at Reggae Marathon”


Do you have a story to share?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.

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