December 8, 2024
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Reggae Marathon 2023 Reflections

Reggae Marathon 2023 Reflections

Given that last year’s Reggae Marathon was memorable because, for many,  it was the first time many new runners made their way to Negril and finish on beach with a coconut and a Red Stripe. When I think back to the race last year, I remember meeting new people. And I will say this every year, as much as I love the coconut, I think I love meeting new people even more. I will talk to people before the start of the race, I will talk to people along the course and then at the finish line party. And sometimes, I will go up and speak with people a day or two after the race whether it’s on the beach or at a restaurant. Running is something that unites all of us and for many of us, it is ingrained in our blood. So it’s great to speak with people who also love to talk about running.

When you think of the 2023 Reggae Marathon, what do you reflect upon? And, if you want to relive the race, check out our YouTube page for our race recap video.

2023 Reggae Marathon Video Recap